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At this stage, buy the cheapest package. You can think about upgrading later as your business grows and as you understand the ins and outs of hosting. There are hundreds of hosting companies out there. If you have a friend who has a site and recommend a host, that’s a good place to start. And you can change hosts later if you aren’t happy.

Otherwise, look for articles comparing companies.

I’ve been using hostgator for a few years and haven’t had any major problems. However, some people have reported problems.

A2 has been recommended as a good alternative, but I haven’t used them yet. So check them out as well as any others your friends or articles recommend.

Managed WordPress hosting v Shared Hosting

Managed hosting is apparently more secure, with more support and faster loading, but it is more expensive and has some limitations.

Shared hosting just means your site is on a server with other sites. I use this type of hosting with cPanel.

I like cPanel because it allows me to create more than one installation of WordPress without any extra cost. This is useful if you want to add a members area or set up a shop, using a different theme specially designed for these functions.

This would be set up as : or

It’s also great if at some point you decide to give your site a makeover. You can start from scratch in a directory, use a new theme and redesign the whole site, taking as long as you need.

Your original site remains in place and when the new version is ready, you just clone it and move it to replace the original – no down time.

As far as I understand, you can’t do this with managed wordpress hosting, you’d have to pay for additional installations.

But before you buy, do ask any questions – hosts should have a link for presales enquiries. So if something isn’t clear, be sure to ask.


Buying your basic package – you’ll be offered various options, such as daily backups, security and email addresses. The only one I might consider buying at this point is the https, but do some research first – there are free ways to do this, but they can be complicated. Some hosts might include it in the basic passage. Most of these options cost the same if you buy them later, but hostgator charge more if you add https later. So make sure you check this out with the hosts you are considering, for all the upsells they offer.

You can create free backups, set up security for free and also free email.

So don’t buy them for now, check out the free options and if you want to buy any of the add ons later, you can do so.

Next you have to link your hosting and your domain. Go to the site where you bought the domain, find Change DNS and copy and the DNS (domain name servers) sent to you in an email from the hosting company.

If you’d like a set of pdfs taking you through domain names and hosting, you can download them here:

I use hostgator and godaddy in the pdfs, but the steps for other companies should be fairly similar.

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