Need Help to You Start You Own Business?


Lessons You Can Download Plus One-on-One Guidance


Are you thinking of setting up a small business? Full time or perhaps as a part-time gig to supplement your income?

But you aren’t sure where to start, you’re not clear about what you could offer the world. Or perhaps you have a great idea for a business, but don’t know how to take the next step. So you keep putting it off, again and again.

Another year passes and everything is just the same. You can change that today – it’s time to take action. Together we can shift you beyond uncertainty and procrastination and move you forwards towards your dreams and goals.

Scroll down for details. If you have any questions, you can get in touch for a free 20 min chat on the ‘phone or Skype. Just fill in the form below. I look forward to hearing from you. Don’t put it off any longer!




The Options

 Your Business Idea

Finding The Ideal Business for YOU

A course with 4 downloadable lessons to help you discover the best business idea for you, make sure that idea is viable and how you can develop additional incomes streams to grow your business.

Work through the course, complete the worksheet and then you’ll have a one hour coaching session on the ‘phone or Skype to consolidate your idea and get you ready for the next step.

Finally, take action to start moving towards your dream.

You can do it!

Only  £47

The Next Step – Kickstart Your Business

You’ve got a great business idea,  but aren’t sure what to do next.

We’ll start with a 30 min call, to clarify your business idea and where you are now. 

Then I’ll send you a series of lessons, tailored to meet your exact needs. Depending on you specific situation, we’ll look at areas such as creating goals for the first year, who your potential customers are and how to find them and creating your products and services and getting them out there into the world.

We’ll have two further calls, each 1 hour long to discuss your progress and work on your Action Plan.

You’ll receive email support between calls.

Scroll down to get in touch for a free 20 minute chat if you’d like more information.


Get Your Business Online

You need plenty of skills to set up a business, but building a website isn’t one of them! What you do need, is the ability to update the website yourself. Then you can make quick changes or add new pages and blog posts without having to wait for help.

I have 2 special, very affordable offers for people just starting out. I’ll include pdfs and videos to make sure you can update. And you can arrange an extra training session if you like.

Both websites can be expanded to whatever size you need over time and come with a built-in drag and drop pagebuilder, a slider and contact form.  Click the links  to see examples and click the button below to get in touch so that we can discuss your exact needs.

£275 for a One Page Site

£550 for Five Page Site

More details here:  Special Offer

Any Questions?

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