Change Your Career, Transform Your Life

Are you in a job that just doesn’t inspire you?

Have you gone through life feeling that you just don’t fit in to the jobs on offer?

So many of us drift into jobs because we know we can do them, or take a job because we need the money. Sometimes it’s necessary, but what if you get stuck there? Year in, year out, doing the same thing, with little hope of change.

You have so many skills and talents, but you just aren’t using them.

Perhaps you long to set up your own business, but don’t know how to get started or exactly what that business could be?

Or have you lost touch with your dreams and long to re-ignite your passion for life?

You know it’s time to change. You need a real challenge, but are afraid to take the next step – and you’re not even sure what that step is!

The truth is, you are unique – you have so much to offer the world. You just need to find your own career vision and implement it, step by step. You can start to do this while still in your present job or at home with the kids. So there is no need to risk everything right away. The important thing is to make a start, and make it now.

The world of work has changed radically – no more jobs for life, zero hours contracts, businesses going bust. But – we can design our own careers and work in many different ways. However, we’re still taught to think that a career is a profession we train for and follow until retirement. Now, this does work for some people, but what if you’re not one of them?

My 6 Week One-to-One Programme”Design Your Ideal Career” was created to help people exactly like YOU

  • Individual Skype Calls

    You’ll have 6 one-hour one to one calls with me, either on Skype or the phone, email support, and access to handouts, worksheets and videos.

  • Content Specifically for YOU

    The content is flexible because everyone is different and your calls will be tailored to your own specific needs – finding a job, starting a business or both! How can I cover both business and jobs? Depending on your preference: We’ll focus on the one which is most important to you, covering that in detail. Then we’ll look at the other briefly – I have a wealth of material – written and/or video, enabling you to study by yourself. Or we’ll cover them 50/50  and I’ll send you all the backup material for both paths.

    You have email support throughout the course and can ask any questions if you feel need more information.

    And of course, you can book a follow up one-off session if you need it.

    And remember, the content for each of the 6 weeks will be adapted to meet your exact needs.

  • A Career to Make Your Heart Sing

    Uncover the career that makes you wildly happy and take the first steps towards making it a reality.

    It could be a new job in a different field or it could be a small business, or even a combination of the two – a portfolio career.

  • Weeks One and Two

    This 6 week package starts out by assessing where you are now and figuring out where you want to go.

    We’ll look at your:

    Skills – you have many, many more skills than you think you have!

    Experience – the same applies  – you’ll be surprised at the number of life experiences that are relevant to work.

    Talents – tapped or untapped.

    What you like/don’t like/want to change about whatever you are doing now.

    What’s holding you back – often certain fears get in the way. We’ll look at how you can get beyond those.

    We’ll turn your career change into a real adventure.

  • Weeks Two and Three

    Time to go more deeply into your aspirations– looking at your Big Dream, your passions and desires – even the impossible dreams!

    We’ll draw everything together, find the essence of the dream and translate that essence into a career that works for you.

  • Weeks Five and Six

    A couple of really practical sessions, to move you forward on your individual path  – choosing the relevant options,  such as:

    If you are looking for a job:  How to create a great CV and cover letter then tweak them making them unique for every job application. And how to complete one of those nightmarish blank pages where you have to write a long personal statement!

    And/Or Your Business Ideas and Plan – the plan that works for you and that you will work from – very different from a formal business plan. Don’t worry – we cover the traditional business plan if you need it.

    And then we’ll create an Action Plan : What do you need to do to move towards your goal?

    First we’ll develop a plan for the ultimate goal– you’ll work backwards from where you want to be to where you are now, so that you can see what needs to be done to reach that goal. You’ll assess the possible routes, look at skills you might need to develop, courses you could take, experience you could gain.

    By moving right back to the present day, you’ll see the action you can take right away.

    Then you can create a shorter-term action plan, with immediate steps, a plan you can start to implement right away.

    You’ll also receive pdfs covering many of the steps, with worksheets to keep you on track. And if you are working on a CV, my video course and ebook 9 Steps to Resume and CV Success.

    You’ll also get access to my video course on Transferable Skills – aimed at jobseekers, but you’ll find you have business related skills too.

    And I’ve got e-books on getting a job, setting up a LinkedIn profile, interview skills. Plus a series of pdfs on choosing your business idea and setting up your business.

    And if you need a website and want to create it yourself, I have another series on getting set up with WordPress.

    So there is plenty of information to keep you busy and on track well past the 6 week course, enabling you to work at your own pace and to go back over the material again as and when you need to.


  • Pay In Full

    One payment of £650  (approx US$812)

  • Payment Plan

    2 payments of £325  (approx US $406)

  • How to Book

    Before booking your sessions, please get in touch so that we can have a chat, get to know each other a little and decide if working with me is the right step for you.

    Just fill in your name and  email with a brief message in the form below, hit Send Message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a call (Skype or phone).

    You can also use the form for any questions you have about the programme. Looking forward to talking to you!

  • Single Sessions

    Not ready for a 6 week programme, but feel you need one session to cover a specific issue ? No problem, we can have a one off session for £75. Just fill in the form and tell me what you need.

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