Have you been thinking about setting up a website, either a blog or a site to sell products or services? Perhaps as a way to earn some extra income, with a view to eventually becoming self-employed? If so you need to think about how you should go about building your online presence - your website.

 When thinking about setting up a blog or other website there are

4 main things you need to think about:

  • Domain name  - url or address, for example google.com
  • Hosting – physical space on a server
  • Software to build the site – WordPress – no coding needed.
  • Content – images, text, videos all the information you put on your site

If you don’t have your own photos you can get royalty free images for commericall use on pixabay.com or unsplash.com.

Today, we’ll take a look at your domain name

Domain Name

Buy your domain name and hosting separately, from different companies. They all offer free domain names, but technically the name doesn’t belong to you and so you might have problems if you decide to move to a different host later.  I’ve done this a couple of times and you might find you’re happy with the host initially, but after a while the support isn’t as good as it used to be.

Choose a domain name that is not too long, easy to remember and easy to type – no hyphens.

Expect to pay around £10 or $10 per year for your domain name.  If possible, get a .com, or a local extension such as .ca, .uk or .us.

If your business has a name, use that for your domain, otherwise your own name is a good option. If it’s taken, add a middle initial or a word eg annejsmith.com or annesmithcoaching.com.

You can also use a catchy phrase describing what you do.

wordpress media libarary

If your chosen domain is taken, watch out for expensive extensions, such as .online, .store or .london.

You’ll be offered a reduction for the first year and so it might be very cheap, but read the small print directly underneath for the ongoing or retail price. Some extensions cost over £40 or $40 per year.

Buy only one domain name – you’ll be offered a special deal if you buy more.  For example, let’s say you’ve chosen annesmith.uk and are then offered annesmith.info, annesmith.net and annesmith.co for a special price.


These are scare tactics – I once had an email from a company in China telling me that someone was about to buy around ten different extensions related to my website. They were very kindly offering me first refusal, which needless to say they got!

Especially with so many new and expensive domain extensions, I think it’s highly unlikely that any of your competitors are going to pay out hundreds a year to redirect these domains to their own in an attempt to put you out of business!!

And remember – don’t sweat about the perfect domain name – people will buy because they like you, not because they like your domain name.

ICANN fee - you’ll be charged 18 cents (US) and 14p (UK) per year or your local equivalent. Everyone has to pay this.

You can choose to buy for more than one year – double check the price to make sure you haven’t inadvertantly picked an expensive extension.

Don’t buy hosting or an email address.

Prices do seem to vary. So you can shop around – the ongoing cost is the most important one to watch out for.

You can search for domain names or domain registrars and then compare them. Some examples are godaddy.com, domainspricedright.com and namecheap.com, but you can buy from any you choose.

Bottom line: buy one domain name and nothing else. Unless you really want and can afford one of the newer extensions, go for one at around £10 or $10.

Next time, we'll look at hosting.

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