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My name is Waller, and I’m a careers advisor and teacher based in London in the UK, but I work with people anywhere in the world – you just need an internet connection or a phone.

I love working with people who want to change career, whether that involves finding a new job or starting a business – or both. I can help you find your own ideal career – and I can do some of the practical stuff like writing a CV or setting up your first website.

My intention is to help you become unstuck, to find the career that is right for you and to take the first steps to reach your goals.

There are many, many opportunities open to you, based on your skills, talents, experience, preferences and your dreams. You can do a lot more than you imagine and there will be options you’ve not considered or never even heard of!

Get in touch if you’d like a free phone, Skype or Zoom session with me.


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