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  • Career Coaching

    Discover the best career option for you, whether it’s a new job, starting a small business or a combination of both.

    Identify your strengths and preferences and work out the best way forward. Is it in a traditional career or  business or are you more suited to a portfolio career?

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  • Websites

    If you do decide on a small business or a freelance career, you’ll need a website. We have experience of building websites with WordPress and would be happy to create one for you – and teach you how to update it.

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Our Products

  • Video Courses

    Learn how to write your CV or resume, your cover letter and how to fill in a job application form with a long supporting statement.

    Or discover your transferable skills and learn how to build on them to give you a headstart in the job market.

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  • Articles

    Read our career change articles to help you make decisions, discover new ways to work or learn more about going back to college to gain new skills so that you can start a new career.

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